A big welcome to Profile Australia who have been offering amazing quality Albums and Frames for nearly 40yrs. The photo booth industry is an important market for them with many of you already existing clients and they are excited to be more directly involved with our industry. Having them on board is fantastic news for attendees and means we have just 1 spot left for another dedicated Album/Frame supplier so if your favourite album supplier isn’t exhibiting let them to know to snag the last spot asap!

Also I am personally pleased to announce the inclusion of Booth Cover Insurance. As many of you already know (as you are already clients, thank you!) this is my new business venture with one of Australia’s largest brokers. Together we have created and offer photo booth industry tailored policies at great prices to ensure operators are adequately covered without paying for things that they dont need. The website will be live in the coming weeks but feel free to contact me with any queries justin@boothcover.com.au

Happy Boothin!