This morning I awoke to a totally unexpected and unprompted email from Alisha, a boother from NZ, who made the trek over this year to attend BoothCon. It really hit home how important this event is to so many of you and makes me so happy to be a small part of it.


Hi Justin,

This may come out of the blue but I just wanted to personally thank you. This may sound extreme, but attending BoothCon has been an absolute game changer for me. Looking back, I actually get a bit emotional about things as I remember the struggle and isolation I felt prior to BoothCon. Having the opportunity to personally meet others in the Photo Booth biz has been amazing! From meeting the exhibitors, listening to the speakers, attending some of the Master Classes – all absolutely worth the trip over from NZ and hands down a turning point in my booth career. So thank you!! I love that I have left BoothCon with not only a wealth of knowledge and inspo, but more importantly I have formed networks and friends who are an ongoing support (one I talk to daily, who I actually met in the toilets lol!)

There is no way I would have thought that I would still be reaping the rewards of Booth Con, 8 months after I attended. Like I said, it’s been an absolute game changer!

Cheers Justin, for a kick-arse experience and I can’t wait to attend again!


Hopefully Alisha’s feedback will help many of you sitting on the fence wondering if it’s worth the effort to attend to bite the bullet and come join us. The worst that could happen is you spend some money but you may just change everything like Alisha.

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Happy Boothin

Justin Jowett

(BoothCon Organiser)