I’m glad you asked! The answer is that it’s neither alone and it’s both together! In fact BoothCon is more than either of these terms can possibly articulate but together they paint the closest picture until people start to associate BoothCon as an event unto itself.

For those of you that like full clarification here is a list of all the event experiences BoothCon is and offers:

  • An Exposition/Trade Fair – a place for exhibitors to present their products/services
  • A Convention – a meeting point for like minded people to discuss a certain topic or field
  • A Seminar Event – a series of seminars to educate and share knowledge with attendees
  • Master Class Event – a series of specialty classes presented by experts to educate and share knowledge with attendees
  • Guest Speaker Event – a place for interesing guest speakers to present topics of interest to attendees
  • Demo Talk Event – a place for products and services demonstration for attendees

As you can see it’s a pretty big deal but no matter how you want to define it, if you’re serious about being a Photo Boother it’s not to be missed.

Happy Boothin!