After the success of BoothCon17 and given all the feedback I have received from Attendees and Exhibitors BoothCon18 will have a new format.

Evening After Party

Full day Trade Show
**Master Classes**

The general seminars will be shortened to 30mins (were 45mins) each with more time allocated for breaks to ease the brain strain on attendees.

The Trade Show will now only be on Day 2 but it will be a dedicated full day to allow more interaction with attendees and exhibitors.

**The Master Classes are an auxiliary event of small group classroom style learning/training seminars. Running for approx 1.5hrs each and limited to just 30 people per class to allow one on one interaction. To ensure attendees receive extremely valuable education each Teacher will be remunerated via ticket sales from their classes.

There will be a max of 4 Master Classes and if anyone has specific topics they want to be taught about feel free to comment or email me. I am also going to need Teachers so if you feel you have a valuable topic you are an expert in and would like to teach others about please get in touch with me too.

Happy Boothin