Can everyone give a big Aussie welcome to the irrepressible Dennie Hirschfrom Canada who will be gracing us with his presence for the first time.

For those of you who are part of the Photo Booth Network group you should be very familiar with Dennie and his input into the community so getting him down under for BoothCon is definitely a big win for the event.

Dennie Hirsch is the CEO of Mojo Photo Events & Activations. With 9 years of experience in the photo booth business, Dennie will show you how to make the move from social events into the corporate brand world of activations. Dennie’s company operates over 500 events a year out of Edmonton and Calgary across Canada. After doing thousands of social events and attending all of the industry conferences. Dennie realised what he had to do in order to attract the high end demanding corporate client. Social events are the bread and butter of the industry. Corporate activations are the cream on top. Dennie is coming to Stralia for the first time to teach you what works and what doesn’t!

Dont forget to get your tickets for BoothCon as places are limited.

BTW – There are still 2 more North American speakers to announce over the coming days! Stay tuned!Dennie Hirsch

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