Big BoothCon news! Annabelle Davidson and Danny van der Nguyen will be speaking at BoothCon 2019!

One of our most popular speakers to date Annabelle is back with another amazing Master Class. This time she will be teaching boothers “How to build high performance teams”. If you are looking to scale up or grow your business into something half as successful as Social Playground then this MC is not be missed.

Joining BoothCon for the first time as a speaker is a very familiar face in the community: Danny van der Nguyen! Danny is qualified Mechatronics Engineer with 3 years working as a Software Engineer for British Aerospace Systems. He started SNAP SNAP 5 years ago out of his parents house whilst at University with one diy closed booth built using tutorials from Google and YouTube. He has now grown Snap Snap to 7 photo booths and have a team of 6 working out of a dedicated studio and service over 200 events a year. Danny is excited to share his knowledge and insights to help fellow boothers find their place in a crowded market.

Danny and Annabelle join another stellar line up of at least 10 speakers. Check the other so far confirmed speakers out here:

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