It’s a pleasure to welcome our first “non Photo Boother” to the BoothCon speaking ranks: Andres Diaz.

Andres Diaz is one of the directors of Kardia Group Tax Accountants in Brisbane. He started his career in taxation in 2002 and in 2010 he took on his first Photo Booth operator as a client. Having worked with Boothers for nearly 10 years, Andres is very familiar with the unique concerns and needs of our industry and is looking forward to sharing general advice about all things taxation and employment with his talk “Photobooth Business Accounting – Getting it right!”.

Tax and employment obligations whilst not as sexy as some topics are things that all boothers need to know about but not all do. So this is going to be a great talk to help you not only understand your obligations but put you on the right track for your biz and save you in the long run!

Earlybird round 2 tickets are currently on sale for a limited time so get in early to save $$ and secure your place

Bring On BoothCon!