BoothCon has secured Brandon Wong from Photobooth Supply Co., CEO of one of the most well known an innovative photo booth businesses out there, to come out and speak about Sales.

Brandon Wong and Katrina Santos started a wedding photography company ten years ago. Shortly afterwards, they bought a photo booth in an effort to grow their business. It was large, took poor photos, and didn’t match their aesthetic. So… they built their own.

A few months later, they realized that their product could help other companies grow as well. They signed up to exhibit the photo booth at a trade show to other photographers. In three weeks, they built Photobooth Supply Co from the ground up. The exhibition was a success and Brandon immediately purchased an engagement ring.

Today, the married couple and their team at Photobooth Supply Co. they have helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their financial, creative, and personal goals. Their mission is to continue to create meaningful business opportunities to capture memories.

Brandon will be talking on Day during the Seminars which are all included in the general or VIP registration.

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Happy Boothin!