A massive “first time speaker” welcome to Kevin Van Nguyen. Kevin is a serial entrepreneur, investor and your local Photo Booth expert. He is big on empowering and passing on his knowledge and skills to others. He believes in motivating and uplifting those around him. Kevin has developed an exceptional career in starting and operating multiple businesses. After completing over 1600 events, Kevin is keen to share his insider’s secrets.  

Kevin’s talk is “How to grow and scale your business so you make more but work less” and from years of experience, Kevin is excited to show you how to improve 5 key areas in your business to quickly grow and expand your business. Topics which will be discussed are staffing, equipment, marketing, market knowledge and personal networks. Grow from a single booth operator to an empire.

If you have ever wondered about how to grow from weekend warrior to a legit force in the industry or simply how to scale up successfully then this is the must see seminar for you.

Bring On BoothCon19!